Hexagon Industries - Custom bolt and screw manufacturer

What we do here at Hexagon Industries

Here at Hexagon we have one of the broadest ranges anywhere of manufacturing capabilities and services under one roof. Our deep technical knowledge allows us to bring you the highest quality products reliably. Here's a list of our basic capabilities.

  • Cold Heading - for fasteners and special components.
  • Flat Die Rolling - for threads and roll-form parts.
  • CNC - for machined parts and secondaries on fasteners.
  • Drilling - for holes in bolts, clevis pins, and other hardware.
  • Slotting - for shanks on headed parts.
  • Broaching (rotary) - for recesses.
  • Other: Regularly outsource all common machining operations.
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  • Complete Asian source location and management.
  • Complete Logistics management.
  • Local stock and release programs.
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  • Prototyping
  • Part Optimization
  • 3D Simulation
  • Testing
  • Part Certification (PPAP's, IMDS, Cofc, ISIR)
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  • Polybagging of Hardware Assemblies
  • Private Label.
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  • Zinc Plating (barrel electrozinc)
  • Clear, Yellow, Black, Green, HexGard, ROHS compliant.
  • Other: Regularly outsource all common finishes, patches, and sealants.
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