In order to meet increasing customer demands for greater consistency in critical finishes, Hexagon installed a state-of-the art computer controlled electro zinc plating operation.  Not only can we provide critical "spec" finishes to our customers that require them, but because this operation is in-house our service level on rush parts is greatly increased, and our overall cost for plating is reduced.

Next our plating department had a major development when HEXGARD™was launched.  This low-cost, economical finish has the look, feel and drive characteristics of regular zinc, but has approximately 10 times the corrosion resistance meeting 500 hours salt spray testing.  More recently we developed HEXGARDPLUS - a finish similar in appearance to standard HEXGARD, but meets 1000 hour salt spray test.  No more filled recesses, blotchy appearance and high cost of dip-spin and specialty alloy finishes.  The HEXGARD line is clean, cosmetic, does not interfere with part function - and it's very economical and applied in-house at Hexagon.

  • In-House - electro Zinc Plating (ROHS compliant), Stainless Passivation
  • Outside - regular subtract most common finishes:
    • Dip-Spin (Magni ,Geomet), Galvanize (HDG), Mechanical Galvanize, E-Coat, Black Oxide, Nickel, Tin, Cadmium, Polishing, Tumbling.
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  • High Corrosion Protection Finish
  • Appearance: Metallic silver/gray.
  • Process: Proprietary Inorganic Conversion Coating over Zinc Plate.
  • Salt Spray: *500 hours minimum to red rust (typical 750-1000), per ASTM B117-97.
  • Application: Barrel Electro-Zinc Plating.
  • Common Uses: HVAC, Automotive, Metal Buildings, Outdoor Furniture, Appliance.
  • with this enhanced formulation, get 1000 hours salt spray - guaranteed.