Kitting was our original business when we started back in 1980, and continues to be an important part of our business today. There are several ways Hexagon's kitting capabilities stand above the rest of the industry:

  • 100% Inspected. Every single kit is automatically inspected for part count accuracy.
  • Lot Control. There is full lot control on all kit runs traceable back to our final audit records.  This inspection includes any special attributes our customer would like checked and recorded.
  • PPM Quality.For an additional charge, Hexagon will produce kits with a defect rate less than 100 parts per million.
  • 5 high speed automatic lines run 24 hours per day.
  • Capacity is over 300,000 kits per day.
Complete Kits
  • Because Hexagon is a manufacturer and importer, we can supply the kits complete (including the parts) - saving our customer all the logistical and paperwork headaches of coordinating the component parts.
  • Contract Kitting.   Hexagon will also kit customer supplied parts.
  • Bar codes. Our new bag printers allow us to print bar codes on every bag clearly and inexpensively.
  • Lot ID. Lot numbers and production information can also be printed on each bag.
  • Retail Bags. We can supply bags printed with customer artwork with a quality level meeting retail standards.