Hexagon Industries, built for quality

About Hexagon Industries

Hexagon Industries started in 1980 as a polybagger of fastener hardware kits for fastener distributors. We soon branched out into direct importing from Japan, Taiwan, and Hexagon was one of the first fastener importers to deal directly in Mainland China.

As Hexagon continued to grow the market continued to change. JIT, zero defects and new manufacturing technology are all factors that led Hexagon to establish a 100,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio. A hybrid between the technology of North America and that used in Asia, this facility produces primarily special/non-standard higher end product, and has manufacturing quality that is second to none in North America.

Our manufacturing expertise is a critical part of the import side of the business, giving Hexagon the solid knowledge base to guarantee the highest quality components available from Asia.

Today, Hexagon Industries has a set of capabilities that together allow us to be uniquely able to serve OEM's and their hardware component needs. Whether it be manufacturing, importing, plating, sorting, or warehousing − or a blend of all of these services − we can do it all under one roof. In addition, Cleveland is in the industrial heartland of America - local to virtually all of the platings, finishes and secondary operations that your components may require.